A historical note about the new gaycentralvalley.com

I did some work on the About page today. I thought it was helpful to add some historical copy to help give folks some valuable perspective if they cared to know where this new project came from. Here is the copy we added…

This new project has it roots in the old Queer Fresno, our very first local gay blog, back in 2002. A year later we expanded and operated five additional sites. Three to the north (Queer Merced, Queer Modesto, Queer Stockton) and two in the south (Queer Visalia and Queer Bakersfield). We were six sites strong connecting people and gay friendly businesses and organizations up and down the Central Valley. When we had the opportunity to purchase gaycentralvalley.com in 2019 we jumped at the chance. After months and months of deliberation and careful thought we decided to revamp and relaunch our efforts to be a one-stop shop for events and information in Central California.

Mike Martinez

Writing this actually jogged my memory about a little known fact about the old Queer Fresno. When I sat down to check out domain names because I felt we needed an information about all things gay in Fresno I queried “gayfresno” first but that domain had already been purchased. My boyfriend at the time suggested “queer fresno” and I instantly loved it, bought it, and the rest was (as they say) history!

If you’d like to take a look at our mission statement you can on our About page.

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