CA COVID-19 Update

It has been 20 days since my last update. Since then, California’s numbers have actually improved for the good. The positivity rate remains exactly at 6.3%, just as it was 20 days ago. It’s nice finally having the positivity rate halting, or at least, not rising. Total testing has increased by 6% again, now up to 27.6%; a quarter of all people have been tested. The cases to death percentage has also dropped; again by 0.1% (1.9% to 1.8%; it was 2% 40 days ago). As for some central valley counties, Fresno too is doing better. For the first time in months, the positivity rate has finally stopped rising, and actually lowered. 0.1% isn’t much, but it’s good to know the fruits of our efforts are finally getting somewhere. Even Tulare is doing better; though, they still are “first place” in having the worst statistics, so last thing I want to do is jinx them.

Now to compare California to other states; Texas and Florida. As both are red states, I’m not surprised that their COVID-19 statistics have worsened. Though, I am shocked to see that their positivity rate is double ours. TX currently sits at a 12.4% positivity rate, with FL doing worse at 13.5%. Both of these states have 50% less testing (CA is at 11 million tests; TX and FL are under 5 million). Proportionally, just 16.4% and 21%, of their population have been tested. The horrors don’t stop there; TX and FL almost have the same amount of cases as California (683,529), with TX at 592,137 cases, while FL actually exceeds TX with 608,722 cases. The same also goes with the death toll; while CA is at 12,550, TX and FL have 11,805 and 10,872 deaths. At this rate, they will exceed California in total cases and deaths in a month or two. This just goes to show how much leadership impacts the people; incompetence kills.