Caliber Gin Review

I’ve been on a roll with trying out Caliber, an inexpensive brand of alcohol spirits. One of the latest spirits I’ve had is their ‘London Dry Gin’. Gin is a neutral spirit (very little flavor; think vodka) that is infused with botanicals, which for gin, means plant flavors/aromas. Caliber’s London Dry Gin, to me, is coriander forward, followed by juniper. Coriander is the seed of cilantro, though its appearance, taste, and aroma is quite similar to white pepper (a white variant of black pepper that is milder).

Juniper are fleshy pine cones that contribute piney/citrusy notes. Other than that, it is especially smooth and mild, not having much spice or the bitterness of other gins. It lacks the harsh bitterness or the aftertaste of fossil fuels that is to be expected of cheaper spirits, making this Caliber Gin not only budget friendly, but friendly for you. Drink recommendations: Great for gin and tonic (of course). Mixes well with various fruit juices, such as cranberry and orange juice (gin and juice).