California COVID-19 and Fires

California as a whole (hovering at below 6% positvity rate), as with other counties (especially those of the Central Valley), have been somewhat improving. However, none of them are still in any condition to be able to operate normally, with no counties being anywhere close to having a positivty rate at or below 8%. In addition, a spike in cases is expected as a result from last week’s Labor Day, in which many people gather in stupid succession, which can deal a large blow to our hopes of getting out of this pandemic.

Specific to the West Coast, there have been many fires, be it from a gender reveal party (Seriously? I thought millenials want their babies to “choose” their genders, not limit it to two biological sex and bring hellfire to our trees!), or freak lightning storms. I bring this up because, on top of worsening California’s already not so good air quality (which no doubt can worsen COVID-19 complications), it’s another disaster on top of an already devastating disaster that will have the most impact on people already most vulnerable to COVID-19 (many minorities and those without sufficient income)