California COVID-19 Update

First things first, the numbers. California has seen an increase in cases by 73000 since 8 days ago. There have been 12,000 morre deaths, and 1,000,000 more tests. Compared to other states, California (despite having a resurgence of covid-19 infections) is doing comparitelvy well. Our positvity rate is “only” 6.1%, while other states like Texas and Florida have a posivity rate of 10% and 11.5%. California also has much more testing, with 15.6% of the population tested (10.6% and 13.7% for TX and FL). Unfortunately, our death rate from COVID-19 is higher; 2% vs 1.2% and 1.5% for TX and FL.

We have our governor to thank for that. Even though he made the mistake of allowing California to open up way too soon, his newfound deciveness will stop fueling the wildfire we know as COVID-19. Newsom has also imposed new strict guidelines for reopening shcools (or rather, keeping them closed). It’s very important that CA stay closed for as long as possible, so that COVID-19 can truly die down.

It’s unfortunate for businesses that have barely just reopened, but it will be much better in the longterm, so that they don’t have to close and reopen for a third time. It’s also going to be vital that CA, as well as other states, can close down their borders to other states. It’s never been done, and probably nowhere in the USA’s or other states’ constitution, but I pray it is something that we can do. It will ensure that COVID-19 isn’t just circulating state to state indefinietely.