California now bans tax-funded travel to Florida and 16 other states.

Apparently, states can ban the use of state taxes for travel to certain US States. California has been doing this (via Assembly Bill 1887) to states that have or have passed discriminatory legislation, be it voter suppression or just an outright attack against BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people. This list contained 12 states, but now California has added more, which are Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia. There are exceptions in only certain circumstances, such as for public health and safety, training for state grants, or litigation. Texas was one of the first states banned, back in 2016 due to legislation that can deny adoptions to LGBTQ+ families on the basis of religion (or rather, bigotry).

No doubt this has and will continue to hurt these states, as Texas was desperate enough to ask the Supreme Court to end the ban. California is undoubtedly a very powerful state and a beacon of democracy in a country where Republicans are keen on doing anything possible to tear this nation apart; so their bans will hopefully keep punish these states into gutting their discriminatory bills.