Central Valley – Numbers are not trending in the right direction

While the overall statistics of Fresno and other counties appear to be doing fine, the statistics comparatively today and a few weeks ago are doing worse. From 9/25 to 10/15, Fresno managed a mere 3.5% positivity rate in its new tests. However, from 10/15 to today, Fresno has obtained a 5.1% positivity rate in new tests. With that being said, Fresno and other counties may become purple again. If that happens (again!), some frustrated or struggling business owners have stated they will remain open against California/Fresno COVID-19 policy. However, that would be a irresponsible move, as it would only prolong COVID-19’s already overextended stay, and might result in fines, or even the loss of an alcohol license. Even though the Central Valley may become purple again, some school districts have managed to obtain waivers that would allow them to remain open

Additional Sources: An article from YourCentralValley, and COVID-19 statistics from numerous county websites.