Chukchansi Park downtown to get some new upgrades

The Fresno Grizzlies announced that Chukchansi Park will get several upgrades, such as a brand new video board, new field lights, and even a new sound system. The improvements began in November last year, and will be completely finished by April 8th this year, when the season begins. The new video board will take up the entire area of the former scoreboard, replacing the screens and static advertisements with over 2.1 million LED Lamps (for a resolution of Full HD/1080p).

This is the old board, for comparison sake.

The new sound system will feature 27 new zones with over 125 individual speakers around the stadium, allowing complete control over sound levels and content throughout Chukchansi. Sounds like the stadium will now offer quite the theater experience. Of course, there are new, HD cameras for multiple angles (eight!) including two wireless fan cameras with instant replay. Finally, Chukchansi Park will upgrade their field lights (the last step). These lights will now be LED, which reduces energy costs. But they do more, as they can perform light shows and change color, which the Bulldog stadium does.

So, remember earlier last year about Chukchansi Park possibly getting a new name, as a result of the Chukchansi tribe not renewing the naming rights? Well, they ended up renewing it after all, as it will remain Chukchansi Park for the next 10 years. The stadium was originally known as the Grizzlies Stadium in 2003, in which Chukchansi bought 15 year naming rights in 2006. Oh and, naming rights aren’t cheap, the 15 year deal was $16 million. The price for the new 10 year deal is unknown (for now), but it certainly stands to beneficial for the tribe with these new upgrades in place.