Fresno City Council clears the way for historic pride flag raising

Fresno City Council voted to transfer approval authority to them clearing the path for a historic event: The first ever pride flag raising at City Hall in honor of Pride Month next month. It was a hotly contentious and spirited debate that pitted sides against each other in a sometimes angry war of words. I have conflicting dates for the ceremony at City Hall but when I nail that down I’ll pass it along forthwith.

Check out local news coverage of last night’s vote.

In typical red meat conservative bigotry and hate I got a hold of an official GOP memo spewing filth and fearmongering in what has become standard Republican garb.

Obviously we know that this memo isn’t worth the time it took to write it but that’s not the saddest thing about it. These are the same old foolish and faulty arguments right wing conservatives have been making for decades. They are doubling down on hate and discrimination and division while their knuckles are glowing white as they desperately grasp at straws, reality, and their hold on power and influence.