Classic Billiards: New York style pizza at its best

It might be odd to think of great pizza at a pool hall, but Classic Billiards (located in Clovis, California) is definitely more than just a pool hall. In addition to great pool tables, you are treated to a great bar with some great local taps and a full-blown wood fired pizza oven.

The last time Mike and I were there was actually during the pandemic. We couldn’t play because a food purchase was required to play (a COVID-19 restriction at the time) and we had already eaten. The next time we went we were actually hungry and eat we certainly did. Their New York style pizza is no slouch. We got a medium sized combination, and I was impressed with my first bite!

What their combo pizza looks like

As for their drinks, Mike was disappointed that they lacked hard alcoholic cocktails, but they did have ciders, of which Mike can do. They also have hard seltzers and a large variety of beers; I counted at least 30 on tap when I was there, and apparently, this place would be great for big groups too; the prices here aren’t too bad, considering it’s a pool place, and they do pitchers (gallons of beer or whatever!). The atmosphere here is generally great too (though, I’m going to have to say I did witness my very first “bar fight” here that night, which is both inevitable and an anomaly); no smoking of course, and the doors aren’t wide open to allow smoke to come in from smokers outside (yuck). They also have one of those digital juke boxes (TouchTunes), though it’s unlikely your song will play unless you pay more to expedite it, though at least they let you take selfies with it (picture below).

A picture showing all of their taps in use; when we were there, several of them were blank.
You can see the not so crowded pool tables behind us.