Club One Casino

Casinos are typically a fun place to go, even if you’re not a gambler. It’s another way to connect and socialize with family and friends, especially over lots of food. However, I tend to avoid casinos because of the nasty ass cigarette smoke permeating the inside of many casinos, exposing you to nicotine exposure, and hundreds of carcinogens, not to mention the pure stench of the smoke to begin with. A relatively new trend among very few casinos (typically new) is ditching the smoke by becoming smoke free. MGM Park for example, recently became smoke free; the reason why most casinos probably don’t adopt this policy is fear of losing customers, though, is cleaner air really something to scotch over?

Club One Casino became smoke free, especially after its relocation from Down Town to Cedar/Dakota. This particular casino is relatively small (in my experience), and it is mostly dedicated to poker, so it is abound in poker tables. Nevertheless, it has two bar areas, plenty of TVs to watch sports (Go Warriors!), and food stuffs.