Congressional District 22 Special Primary Election

District 22 was formerly held by Devin Nunes, who resigned on New Year’s. The seat has remained vacant since then, but not for much longer. April 5th is the date for the Special Election to fill that seat, and there are currently 6 candidates running, 2 Democrats, which doesn’t include Phil Arballo (former challenger to Devin Nunes; he’s running in District 13 instead), with the rest being Republicans, which says enough. The two Democrats are Eric Garcia, a former Sgt and Marine veteran, and Lourin Hubbard, an operations manager for the California Water Resources Control Board, and serves as the region’s racial equity committee chair.

Both were interviewed by GVWire with the following questions in mind:

  • What kind of Democrat/Republican are you?
  • How should the U.S. handle countries like Russia/China?
  • What is your solution to lower gas prices?
  • What is your immigration policy?
  • What is your water policy?