COVID-19 California update

California initially had a very good response to COVID-19, being one of the states to shut down quite early. In addition, we’re a blue state that believes in science. So why are we suddenly not doing very well? Other than being the most populated state, I would have to say that it was allowing counties to open up so early. The impact that the central valley has suffered is no doubt from being too lax; just two weeks ago I recall seeing a restuarant buzzling with people as if COVID-19 had never happened. Thankfully, because we’re a state that doesn’t think COVID-19 is a hoax, our testing and numbers have been able to help guide us in a better direction.

As a state, we’re not doing that bad when compared to the USA as a whole (or red states). We have a 5.9% positivity rate, with a 2.3% of cases that lead to deaths, with 13.1% of our population tested. Also, I have an update for individual COVID-19 stats on counties. Rather than me painstakingly hunting for COVID-19 statistics on each central valley county, you can go to CA’s official COVID-19 site, which provides an interactive map in which you can select individual counties to see their data.