COVID-19: Central Valley counties to reenter purple category

Fresno, Merced, and Kings county are spiking once again in positive cases, and this is excluding any data from Halloween and election parties, which would likely bring these counties more into purple territory. The COVID-19 restrictions haven’t became more tense yet, but in a few days, I wouldn’t be surprised if gyms and restaurants are no longer able to operate indoors (alongside movie theaters, which have been operating indoors as well). Meanwhile, California as a whole has reached an unwelcome milestone – 1 million cases. Also, the USA is nearing 11 million cases; I recall a few weeks ago when we hit 9 million cases… The USA is also approaching a quarter million deaths from COVID-19. The only person who could see these statistics as winning is Trump, alongside his cronies and Fox News (They need something else to win at, since they lost the election)