COVID-19 update

Central Valley counties are in a brighter shade of purple.

Virtually all counties in California are in the purple tier with a stay at home order, with only a mere 4 counties not being purple (3 red, 1 orange). California currently has 93.1 cases per 100K, which pretty much marks the entire state itself as a very deep purple tier (less than 8 cases per 100K is the threshold for counties to downgrade from purple tier). California’s population of 40M with 93.1/100K means that there are 37,240 infections daily. In contrast, Fresno County, which has been doing horribly, is at 56 cases per 100K (with a very high positivity rate, with 50% of all tests within 4 weeks resulting in a positive case).

Cases confirmed2,245,379
Testing done32,855,482
Positive rate6.83%
Cases leading to death1.1%

All COVID-19 stats up until today

As can be seen here, California reached 2M cases on December 24th, and as of today, we have already got a quarter million more cases (at this rate, we can expect 3M cases before January 24th). California also has very few ICU beds available, with at most, 1300 available (despite that, CA has 0% capacity, due to hospitals lacking the resources and staff to service those remaining beds).