COVID-19 Update

It has been 23 days since my last update. Since then, California got 477,478 new cases, going from 2.8 million to 3.3 million total cases (17% increase). Testing by comparison increased by 16%, with that slight discrepancy barely raising the positivity rate. As for the fatalities however, there are 10,812 new deaths, a 34% increase. As seen in the county map, almost all of California has a widespread COVID-19 status. The four counties that aren’t purple tier have so little people that their bar in the graph is virtually nonexistent. The only good statistic today is that CA’s infections per 100K has dropped from 109 to 40.

Cases confirmed3,294,447
Testing done43,235,327
Positive rate7.62%
Cases leading to death1.3%
Cases per 100K40
Cumulative California COVID-19 stats

Meanwhile, there is a new statistic on CA’s dashboard: Vaccines administered. California has managed to vaccinate 10% of its population, which is approximately 4 million people. This marks the transition from Phase 1A (Estimated 3 million people; healthcare workers and long term care residents) to Phase 1B (About 8 million; People 65 and older, and at risk workers in the following sectors: education/childcare, emergency services, and food/agriculture.

Phase 1B confusingly has another phase within it, which includes more sectors, then incarcerated and homeless people. The next phase, 1C, will go further beyond to those aged 50-64, 16-49 (conditions that increase severity of COVID-19), and additional sectors. But it will likely take a long time to get to that phase. Remember when California initially announced they would vaccinate those 65 and over? There weren’t enough vaccines at that time, so it took another week or two before that could actually happen.