F*** You, “LGBTQ+” Free Zones in Poland.

A rather random topic for today that isn’t quite related to the Central Valley: The European Union. The European Union has cut funding from “LGBTQ+” free cities in Poland. Poland itself as a member country in the European Union doesn’t really have equal LGBT rights. For starters, Same-Sex marriage there is still banned, alongside many have legal challenges. Nevertheless, there is still quite a number of LGBTQ+ people there (as with any part of the world, no matter how hostile; even Sauida Arabia).

Of course, the Polish government blasted the EU’s decision, going as far to claim (in summary) that even “discriminatory” beliefs and values should be respected in any member state. Still, discrimination of any kind should not recieve rewards, and if the funds target those specific cities, the Polish government ought to stop being bigots before they lose more than city funds. It would be fundamental that the European Union proves themselves closer and closer to an “ideal” society/government, perhaps like in Star Trek.