FAB is anything but fabulous

So we mentioned earlier this week that FAB was building out a sidewalk nook of some sort and we surmised they might be trying to open up over the weekend. We decided to make our way out there last night to see if they were open. They were in fact, opened under restrictions, and we decided to try and support them. We got our IDs checked and got the skinny on the rules: no dancing and you had to stay at your table. You needed a mask to enter and could only take off your mask while at your table. You are required to put it back on when you go to the bathroom. There was no bar service, to avoid congregating, so servers would shuttle drink orders.

All seemed really cool and we were excited to have some drinks with our peeps and then the other shoe dropped: there was an $8 cover charge. Folks, I don’t mind calling a spade, a spade. A cover charge during a pandemic? That’s bullshit. Utter and complete, and to use a phrase of our President Elect Joe Biden, MALARKY! Charging cover in Fresno, when you are scraping and competing with other businesses for support and foot traffic, is not only bad business but a disservice to our community. People have lost their jobs, people are losing their homes and apartments, people are struggling just to eat right now. Gouging people at the door for a cover charge with no dancing and nothing else to offer but the opportunity to sit down at a table and drink with friends. You can do that at home or lots of other places in the Tower without having to shell out money just to get through the door.

FAB should encourage patronage and reward people for supporting them. A cover charge against the back drop of COVID-19 is almost immoral in my book. It’s terrible business and poor marketing for sure. Do yourself, your friends, and our local community a favor and skip FAB altogether until they drop that stupid cover charge.

7 thoughts on “FAB is anything but fabulous”

  1. $8 cover charge? Charge me cover if there’s an all you can eat buffet or great value on your drinks! Do a 2 drink minimum or something, but a $8 cover fee when you can’t dance or do anything clublike in a club? They’re just asking not to have anyone ‘pay’ them a visit.

  2. There are so many other local establishments to frequent. NO COVER IN A PANDEMIC OR RAMPANT UNEMPLOYMENT!

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