Foam Wonderland

Foam Wonderland is coming to Fresno at Chukchansi Park on August 19, 8pm-2am. As the name suggests, the event has something to do with tons of foam. It is a touring concert series, featuring world-class production, profund DJs, and well, probably the largest foam machines in the world. While the event can be a fun and unique experience, especially in the heat, it’s worth noting that the event is not without risks.

The foam is a non-toxic, hypo-allergenic shampoo solution; it is not edible so you should avoid eating or inhaling it by accident It is recommended those with sensitive skin or skin conditions to avoid contact with foam; hot weather conditions also increase likelihood of averse reactions to foam. Foam contact can be minimized by staying away from the stage, as that is where foam is mostly dispersed. Long contact with foam may also cause reactions. Stay safe and have fun!