Fresno Philharmonic: Beethoven podcast series

Tonight at 8, Fresno Philharmonic and Valley Public Radio will air their 4th episode of their recent special series, Beethoven: Crsis and Creativity. New episodes will also continue to air every Wednesday at 8pm.

This week, Valley Public Radio in partnership with the Fresno Philharmonic and the Philip Lorenz Memorial Keyboard Concert Series continues the on-going series Beethoven Crisis and Creativity. Valley Public Radio’s David Aus, and Fresno Philharmonic Music Director Rei Hotoda, along with special guest artists, take a deep dive into the fascinating backstory of Beethoven. We explore how, when faced with a dramatic turn in his own fate, Beethoven deepened his understanding of humanity and composed music through forceful determination that shifted power to his listeners. This week’s re-broadcast of the Fresno Philharmonic under the direction of Music Director, Rei Hotoda, includes Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and the second movement from Bartok’s Piano Concert No. 3 with Orion Weiss as soloist, as well as Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Op. 111 performed by Jeremy Denk.

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