Fresno Rainbow Pride needs to cancel June event and reschedule for later this year

Fresno Rainbow Pride is still (tentatively) scheduled for one month from today on Saturday, June 6th. I reached a week ago and got a response and posted that blog here. I reached out again yesterday for an update and I haven’t heard back so I thought I’d post a blog with some of my thoughts.

First of all, the June event needs to be cancelled outright. While the City of Fresno is starting to relax stay at home orders and will begin slowly reopening some businesses on May 11th mass gatherings are not, and should not, be on the horizon for anyone. Fresno Rainbow Pride should cancel the event in the interests of public health. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but it needs to be done and they shouldn’t “wait and see” and hope for the best. Even if all goes well, and the City announces a second wave of reopening on May 25th, we already know that a mass gathering isn’t in anyone’s best interest no matter how noble or worthy the cause.

Secondly, I also think the event should be rescheduled for this year, not next, perhaps sometime in the fall. I’ve always thought having our pride celebration in the summer heat here in 100 degree Fresno was not in the best interest of the event itself. Palm Springs and Las Vegas do NOT have their pride events in the summer, they have them later in the year when it’s cooler. This year is the 30th anniversary of Fresno Rainbow Pride, and that’s a big deal, I get it and I think a lot of people in the community get that too. Maybe the first Saturday in September? Maybe the second or third Saturday in October to space it out from Reel Pride and Halloween?

Who knows, maybe the event will be hugely and unimaginably successful and then the case can be made that maybe we should leave it in the fall going forward? A fall pride celebration in Fresno would mean that we didn’t have to battle the sweltering heat of summer, we wouldn’t be competing with L.A. Pride the first weekend of June and the likely result would be bigger turn out for Fresno. This could be the year Fresno Rainbow Pride does their part to avoid making a public health crisis while also making a move that potentially sets up our local pride for success for the next 30 years!