Fresno Rainbow Pride still in limbo

Amidst this pandemic and all of the pride celebrations cancelling or postponing up and down the Golden State I reached out to Jeffrey Robinson. The milestone 30th anniversary of the of our local pride celebration is set for Saturday, June 6th in the historic Tower District. There is a lot of confusion and different ideas and standards on how local communities and states should be dealing with sheltering in place policies so it’s a really tough place to be in. Los Angeles has rescheduled their pride while San Francisco and San Diego have opted to cancel altogether.

The word from the top is that Fresno Rainbow Pride is still tentatively scheduled for June 6th. The City of Fresno has not officially canceled the event but that could still happen. In the meantime they are struggling with what to do and how to think in the mean time. Do they cancel the event outright and refocus for next year? Do they cancel and postpone the 30th annual milestone and make next year the 30th anniversary? They cancel in June and postpone for later in the year? I don’t envy their position at all.

So as of Monday, the 30th annual Fresno Rainbow Pride is still tentatively set for Saturday, June 6th, 2020 in the historic Tower District. I’d put a big asterisk by that because that could change any day now and no decision has been made on what they’ll do if it does.