Fresno Rainbow Pride 2023: Qu33r All Year!

Fresno Rainbow Pride is Proud (no pun intended) to invite you out to the 33rd Pride Parade and Festival. This year’s theme: Qu33r All Year!

The parade portion of the day will be held in the Tower District on Olive Avenue. The staging area is usually the dirt lot on the northeast corner of Palm and Olive. The parade route heads due east on Olive and ends in front of the Tower Theatre. Last year, the festival portion of the day was held (for the first time) on campus at nearby Fresno City College. We’ll keep you posted on all the deets as they come available.

Last year’s theme, In Pride, was changed midseason in honor of the life and legacy of Jeffrey Robinson. Jeff passed away last year, and it was only fitting to dedicate that Pride celebration to him.

Last year’s logo and theme in honor of Jeffrey Robinson and his trademark rainbow eyewear

And in case you missed it, or haven’t seen it, or just want to see it again; here is last year’s pride march in its entirety.

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