Fresno and their money issues

There has been a few recent articles published from the Fresnobee that shines a light related to Fresno’s tax funds.I wouldn’t go as far to call Fresno’s management of money an issue, but more of how people that work for the city have lost money or misuse their funds. Fresno recently lost $400,000 to a scam in which an employee had mistakenly wired two payments of 200K to the wrong account. Oops! This had apparently taken place before Jerry Dyer became mayor, and was kept secret because the FBI was investigating; only a few thousand dollars were ever recovered.

Meanwhile, some light has been shed on four certain council members using their credit cards (which are paid for by Fresno tax payers). Though it’s Bredefeld (a certainly controversial) making the claims, there actually is evidence on the four council member’s expenditures. Thousands have been spent on what could totally be deemed inappropriate, such as luxurious food (high end restaurants), airpods, ludicrously priced candied apples, movie tickets, etc. If you want to spend money like you’re rich, do it on your dime, please, not at the expense of Fresnans.