Half Dome Beer Review

Half Dome Beer is brewed by the Tioga-Sequouia brewing Co. However, I got my tap from the Sequoia Brewing Company Bar & Grill, which is different but related to the Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. . Each have their own location, various beers, their own unique foods, and do offer beers from each other. The Half Dome Beer is soft, fizzy, and not very bitter. It is smooth with obvious notes of fruit, such as peaches and oranges. I do like sweet and smooth drinks once in a while, so why not in a beer? As a sweeter beer, it can supplement sweet wines. As such, it goes well with savory foods such as cheeses, pasta, smoked salmon, and pizza (which I had at the Bar and Grill with my beer) With the pandemic in place, some breweries now ship or have beer-to-go. Get Tioga-Sequoia beers!

Just waiting for the pizza.