Hammy’s Smash Burgers opening 3rd location

I have no clue what is meant by a smash burger, and I’ve certainly never eaten or been to a place that uses such a name (at least that I’m aware of). I just happened to sight a building with a flyer on it that essential read, “Coming Soon, Hammy Smash Burgers.” My curiosity has led me to now know that Hammy’s Smash Burgers already has 2 locations in Fresno (W Shaw and Clovis), with the new location in East Shaw (Fresno State area). And what;s a smash burger? It is simply a beef patty that is made by smashing ground beef on a grill with a spatula, a technique that results in an exterior sear and juicy flavor on the inside.

Time to see for myself how it is, once it’s opened and a mere mile away from me via electric scooter.