Idle Hour: Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is a wine variant I have never had before; barely starting another wine variant of a similar name, a Syrah (Also known as Shiraz) just 2 weeks ago. Though the names are similar, it’s important to note that these two grape variants are much different in taste from each other; Petite Sirah grapes are also smaller. Idle Hour’s 2016 Petite Sirah is bittersweet; it begins on the tongue with a thick, sweet tart dark berry, transitions to a peppy berry, and ends with a tongue drying dark chocolate/licorice. To the nose, it is of a sweet, soy aroma; and if such a thing exists, also vibes of a dark berry vinegar.

The artwork for Idle Hour’s Petite Sirah is more generic; as other Idle Hour wines share this art piece, but always with differing color schemes, a slightly different water drop, and a different assortment of background shapes. It is titled “Shall Be One”, by Tim Cantor. I believe the overall dark magenta theme contributes to the Petite Sirah’s appeal, since dark reds in the right lighting appear can also appear as dark magenta.