In person college classes are coming back, but not without mandatory vaccinations.

College campuses, unlike K-12 educational institutions have had substantially less in person attendance, in which the facilities were practically empty except for essential staff members and certain services provided to students. Fresno City College (CCC, California Community College) and Fresno State (CSU, California State University) are expected to hold in person classes for the upcoming fall semester.

However, with the rise of the delta variant, COVID-19 vaccinations are now going to be mandatory. All CSUs and CCCs currently enforce this rule, as do many other institutions (500+) across the country. But for whatever reason, some “students” are opposing the mandated vaccinations. How stupid; did we just not endure hundreds of thousands of causalities and a crippled economy? Now we’re finally finally in the throes of recovering (thanks to vaccinations and other COVID-19 measures) only for people to make a u-turn back into the pandemic?

Featured image: Anti-vaxxer Alyssa Jones, as seen in the linked article.