has a message masked in the source code

Just last night whilst listening to TRM, she had brought some attention that I, and probably many people have missed a clever easter egg embedded in the source code at You can still look for it today, albeit in my experience you would have to utilize the WaybackMachine and select any date before Biden victory. This is because the message is specifically at, and attempting to access it today forcibly redirects you to a directory (presidency-for-all-americans/) where the message isn’t found.

When you’re there, simply right click any empty space and select View Page Source. (Here’s a shortcut if you don’t have time) Scroll all the way down and you’ll see it! Note that the link below the message no longer works, but is viewable via the WaybackMachine, again. If you’ve never heard of or used WaybackMachine, I would recommend using it for nostalgic purposes of almost any website, like Amazon! Just take a look at that kindle! Back when tablets, phones, and websites too were ugly and bulky.

Source: USAToday (I totally ripped off that article’s title, so don’t give me any credit lol)

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