Lewis Creek Trail Pictures

In seeking nature, and as most of the snow has melted away, Mike and I had decided to take a hike at trails we’ve never been. One of these trails is Lewis Creek, in the Sierra National Forest. Bear in mind, there are 3 Lewis Creeks trailheads: North Lewis Creek, Lewis Creek, and Lewis Creek 1. We chose North Lewis Creek, because there was just far less people, and it was much easier to maintain social distancing. I’d recommend you wear insect repellant, as they’re definitely rampant as the weather warms. (In my experience, Coleman’s DEET free insect repellant worked best for me. Don’t let the hover flies and all the bites discourage you from enjoying nature!)

They’re watching you!
“Don’t get too close”, said the creature in the hole.
An excellent place to lay a mat and have a picnic, no?