Lincoln Project drops new ad spot: Rich Mitch

One of my favorite organizations that have come across my radar in recent weeks is The Lincoln Project. It’s run by national political strategist Steve Schmidt and media consultant Rick Wilson. Both are Republicans. This one-minute ad targets one of The Donald’s chief enablers: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnnell. The group officially endorsed Joe Biden last month that definitely irked Emperor Trump. Check out the ad below…

1 thought on “Lincoln Project drops new ad spot: Rich Mitch”

  1. I will be utterly disappointed if anyone from the GOP won’t join the Lincoln Project in their crusade against the very men who have made the GOP a laughing stock to the world. Meanwhile I’ve just noticed something; what is wrong with Mitch’s eyes? He literally has eyes that are bulging out, like a bug, or a pug. Pug McConnell?

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