Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi System (2-pack) for sale: $200

With all the web work and tech stuff we do around here we handle, install, and upgrade our stuff (along with our customers) quite a bit. We just upgraded our work router to 3.1 DOCSIS so we have reset and refurbished our 3.0 DOCSIS for sale to a private party or a business. Here is the copy from the Linksys website.

Velop brings full-strength mesh WiFi to your home in minutes. Offering ultra-fast performance, the Velop mesh WiFi system delivers the performance needed to support multiple WiFi devices. It uses Intelligent Meshâ„¢ Technology to provide the fastest path to the internet in any type and size of home. Choose from a wide range of Velop products to find the best fit for your WiFi needs.

This two-pack offers WiFi 5 technology and connectivity, comes in black, and offers expanded coverage because one can be used at the home/base router while the other can be placed in another room or location to serve as a mesh extender.

The retail value of this system is $300. We are offering both, including free delivery, for $200. That’s a 33% discount, they are in excellent condition, and the proceeds go directly to helping us run this site. You can email us at for more information. We can send you an email link that will allow you to pay online via our payment partner Square.