LoMac Winery Rosé

Last weekend, we decided to explore some more wineries on the Fresno County Wine Journey, since Ziveli was the first we had visited a few weekends ago. The first [open] winery we had a tasting at was LoMac Winery. First things first – LoMac, at least when we were there, offered free wine tastings of all 8 wines on their menu.

Second, LoMac makes their wines differently. Compensating for Fresno County’s hot heat and dryness, their wines are fruit forward. This means the fruit favors of the wine are much more out there; this gives Fresno wine that would normally have a strong bite with strong acidity a more palatable quality, at least for those who don’t particularly enjoy traditional dry wines or like some sweetness in their life.

Their Rosé, a style of wine that is usually faint of fruity flavors and strong acidity, was notably decorated with a sweet flora aroma, and deliciously tart in taste, which to me is how a Rosé (considering the name makes me think of roses) should be.