Los Angeles Covid-19 Pride Watch

*UPDATE (as of May 12): LA in person Pride has been cancelled. Instead, events for 2020 (and even until 2021) will be digital. Read the new update on their website here.*

Los Angeles Pride, which was orginally due to June, is postponed. The new dates have yet to be dated; though, it may be in 2021 instead, just like San Francisco Pride. With all of the failures of the federal government under the Trump Administration, all aspects of “normalcy” can’t be expected until 2021. Regardless, it’s important to remember that pride is not an event, or a place, but that it is a people; we are the Pride. There cannot be a pride without people, so it’s plain simple to preserve the health of everyone. Meanwhile, I expect LA Pride (as with other large prides that have been cancelled) to follow suit with SF Pride to go virtual.

While the Board of Directors and staff of Christopher Street West (CSW) could have never imagined postponing the 50th anniversary of LA Pride in any way, given the unexpected and troubling circumstances the world is facing today, we’ve decided — in accordance with the latest measures put in place by the City of West Hollywood — to move our celebration to a later date (to be announced soon). After all, the health and safety of our incredible and dynamic community is our top priority.We understand that you’re disappointed. But please try to see the silver lining in the gravity of this decision: we’re ultimately doing what’s best for our community as a whole. Pride is more than just one weekend in a year. Or even a month. Pride is something that we live and breathe every day. Whether we celebrate LA Pride in mid-June (as we’ve done for the last 49 years) or, for this one specific year, decide to move it to another weekend, our celebration, our voices, our struggles, our triumphs, and our never-ending message for equality never stops.

Partial quotation from LA Pride