Madera District Fair coming soon!

I’m guilty of only knowing few fairs, such as Fresno Fair, Mid State Fair (Paso Robles), and the California State Fair (Sacramento). More so, I’ve only been to the Fresno Fair, and since the pandemic, I haven’t been there for a couple years. Apparently, Madera too has a fair, the Madera District Fair.

I learned of its existence from a billboard (featured image) somewhere west of Shaw. It’s size is comparable to that of Fresno’s, 116 versus 165 acres so I would imagine the Madera fair to be quite similar, except for its lack of horse racing. Ticket prices (General admission and carnival) is expectedly cheaper than the Fresno Fair.

Not that the actual prices are that much different, but that the general admission ticket also includes the Table Mountain Concert Series (Fresno Fair general admission doesn’t include concert admission). Nevertheless, I think that the Madera Fair would be nice to go to, as it’s not very far, and it doesn’t intersect with Fresno Fair dates.

Tickets are best purchased online, as they are cheaper than at gate pricing.