May the fourth be with you!

In case you didn’t know, today is international unofficial, but official, Star Wars Day! I’ve been following this great day for over a decade and I still get all excited and giddy over a personal ritual of celebrating the Star Wars universe. I love clever marketing and the play on May 4th, maybe the FOURTH be with you, is insanely cool…in my humble Star Wars nerd opinion.

Today, I am going to tune out pandemic news, and the business bankruptcies that are started to roll in as a result, and I’m going to re-watch episode 9. I saw it in the theatres when it first debuted obviously but I have been pining to watch it on my big screen 4K TV for a while now. I can’t wait. If you need or want a distraction today and want to honor the epic Star Wars saga then grab your favorite beverage and take it in today. It’s available on Disney+ if you want to start a trial with them or pony up for one month like I did because Episode 9 is available today on their streaming channel in honor of the day.

May the fourth be with you!!!