Modelo Negra Review

When it comes to mainstream beers, they’re more alike then they are different, regardless of the brand. I say that because they’re all lagers, which may not surprise you to know its the most popular style of beer. Lagers are bottom-fermented (yeast sinks to bottom during fermentation) and brewed in relatively cool temperatures. While there may be slight differences in taste between the brands (Modelo, Budweiser, Coors, Corona, etc) they have the same light color with a distinctive light taste. So when first saw a Modelo Negra, I was intrigued.

A delicious michelada I had at El Patio in the Tower District.

Modelo Negra, as the same suggests, it is a darker lager due to the way it is brewed: longer. In addition, it is brewed slow roasted caramel malts (roasted grains give stouts their signature dark appearance too!), imparting a unique flavor and the dark appearance. This beer’s unique characteristics certainly add an element of exotic taste in micheladas and beeratitas.