Moms: Mothers of Democracy

Moms. What do you first think of when you hear that word? Sterotypically (at least what Republicans push), they are women that are usually at home, cleaning and preparing meals. They’re expected to be responsible for their children most of the time as well, paying close attention to minuscle details like grades, and more attention to vital signs, mentally and physically. Given this, one should expect moms to not have to worry about what happens outside the home. Unfortunately, most moms of various backgrounds have it much tougher.

On top of possibly being a single, working mom, with multiple children, moms in this day and age have to go the extra mile to protect their childrens’ rights, priveleges, and freedoms from the party that supposedly champions “family values”. In this battle, moms have had to (and will) to face Trump’s unidentified (and armed) Secret Police; in which they have been beaten down, choking on gas, all the while Trump hides in his bunker from unarmed citizens.