Monterey Bay Aquarium

With Fresno’s unbearably hot summers assaulting us, we decided it was time to head to Northern California to escape the heat. As part of our vacation on July 4th, Mike and I went to Monterey to visit their aquarium. Monterey’s Aquarium is rich in history, purpose, and its connection to nature. Actual sea water is pumped through most of the exhibits in the facility, allowing for it to emulate an ocean environment as best as possible (and making it smelly at times). There are a variety of sea life here, such as jellyfish, sea otters, marine birds, sharks and kelp. To me, the jellyfish exhibit was the most magical, with their elegant movement, and having been wonderfully lit.

An egg case, often referred to as a mermaid’s purse.
A kelp forest.
Tiny sea anemones
A sand fish