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My first trip to the Abbey in WeHo

A few weeks ago, Mike and I went down to Los Angeles. We were lucky that the Los Angeles Dodgers were just starting their world series finals against the Tampa Bay Rays, as we’re not fans of the Lakers, so it was nice to be down there with absolutely no Laker celebration vibes. Anyways, with the pandemic still raging, LA had far less traffic than it normally would, and so was the crowd. On top of that, not many bars were operating, and if they were, they generally had large lines, as they followedCOVID-19 guidelines. Despite that, we were able to easily find two gay bars in West Hollywood.

Pumpkin Ghoul at The Abbey

It was wonderful to be there, as virtually everyone there was friendly and likely queer. Our first stop at a cute sports bar (to watch the Dodgers) with really good chicken wings, then after, hung out at The Abbey. It was spookified, adorned with ghouls (the ones outside wore facemasks; social spook spacing anyone?), spiders, and much spooky vibe lights. Their menu of drinks and food was also extensive, as I was overwhelmed with options. I got a taste of their pumpkin brownies, and their very strong Martinis (Especially the Blood Orange one; it was impossible to do more than a sip at a time). The dance area was obviously closed off to the public, but it was still there, playing music and managing to add to the mystique of the environment. When everything goes back to “normal”, I would definitely have to go back and get my club on.

A goblin that seems to resemble a much older Jared Kusher