Netflix pick: Disclosure

As we continue to watch the Trump administration botch the handling of the pandemic and states and counties all over the country close, then open (often times too soon), then close again: One thing is certain…we always have Netflix to help fill in the home entertainment space as we work and play more at home. While restaurants, bars, movie houses, and so many of our other favorite haunts and activities remain closed, or offer minimal services, we want to help our LGBTQ+ communities connect with good content. I had the chance to take in Disclosure (a Netflix original) and let me tell you what: I’m super glad I did!

Disclosure is a documentary-style film that focuses on the discrimination, struggles, visibility, history, and on going challenges of the trans community in the entertainment industry. I thought the film was super informative, very relevant, and wonderfully instructional of the issues transgender persons face in the media. I thought the interview portions were exceptionally well done and really knitted together in a steady stream of conversation and dialogue that was easy to relate. As a gay, liberal, Latino Democrat I have experienced my own barriers to being heard or seen. While I don’t have any personal, first hand knowledge of what being trans is like I can relate to the marginalization and silencing of my voice and visibility by larger power structures.

I love films that me smarter and this documentary definitely feels like a graduate seminar in trans issues. I give this film two thumbs up and if I was grading it like a teacher I assign an A+ (and I don’t hand those out a lot). If you are looking for something that will make you a more informed member of our community, or a stronger straight-ally, then put Disclosure on your radar. You will not be sorry.