Now is the time for a hybrid

Unusually high gas prices have become a norm for much of 2022, right around when Russia decided to invade Ukraine. While all of the states have had higher gas prices, no other state has been hit as hard as California. For many, slaving away for the gig economy has become substantially less profitable due to expensive gas. While efficient driving techniques can help improve your mileage, it pales in comparison to the insane efficiency of hybrids. Let’s face it, many of us can’t afford or properly use EVs, which is for those who own a home and can work the downtime in between charges in their schedule.

Though hybrids have large batteries and an electric motor, they won’t feel much different from a conventional car: it still uses gas, just way less. Hybrid models in comparison to their traditional counterparts easily obtain at minimum 50% more miles per gallon, if not double. A gasoline only Ford Escape (SUV) for example, expects an EPA rated 21 mpg in city (that’s being generous) and 28 mpg highway. The recent Ford Escape hybrids place city driving mpg in the 40s, with highway driving at 38. With these EPA figures alone for a relatively large car, one can expect to cut their gas expenses significantly. Smaller hybrids (cars that weigh less) see even greater figures, with a Toyota Prius obtaining nearly 60 MPG in city driving and 53 highway. Right now, there are a good number of used hybrids on the market and within the Central Valley, from small cars to SUVs. Chances are, you’ll find the hybrid you want without breaking the bank.