Options for Turkey Day

I don’t know if the name Thanksgiving will be “politically” correct in these times, but Turkey Day works just as fine. Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is actually right around the corner and now would be a good time to prepare for the grand feast. Luckily, there are many simple, quick and easy solutions. One of the most cost effective and versatile is grabbing your items over at Costco; with 3 locations throughout Fresno, it’s hard to be too far away. Costco has a Kirkland Signature precooked and ready to go turkey breast; it’s as simple as heating it up as needed and slicing it, no trouble. And there’s plenty of vegetables and salads you could possibly choose from, and quality mashed potatoes.

You also may have heard about Popeyes Cajun seasoned turkey. But is it worth it? It’s $99, and comes with no sides. Though it’s already cooked, it comes frozen only. For $99 it better come with sides… You could buy much more with $99 I’d say.