Papagni Pink Pinot Grigio

Last weekend, most wineries on the Madera Wine Trail began to open up their tasting rooms again. Mike and I took this opportunity to finally try out some of these Madera wineries. They are too close to us to not try so we made a Sunday afternoon out of it. One of the wineries we visited was the Papagni Winery. As the information on Madera Wine Trail reads, you actually can meet and have a glass of wine with the winemakers themselves. After a few samples, there was definitely one wine that stole the show! That was a 2014 Pinot Grigio with a pink hue.

According to the winemaker, it was an accident. Pinot Grigio grapes are white on the inside, but reddish on the skin; some of that pigment somehow ended up in the final product. Not only is it just pink, but this Pinot Grigio is also semi sweet (with a note of strawberry) and a characteristic that Mike and I seek but never have been able to find in most Pinot Grigios. We decided to buy a bottle, and enjoyed it the following day. If you have an interest in semi sweet wines, or are just looking for a sweetish Pinot Grigio, then Papagni’s 2014 Pinot Grigio is very much worth trying.