People 16+ can now get the COVID-19 vaccine, depending on your county.

Several counties, including Fresno and Kings county, currently allow for those 16 and over to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Just yesterday, as a young adult, I successfully registered, and took my first shot of the vaccine just today. To check if your county is eligible, visit and fill out the forms. Other basic eligibility requirements is that you are 16 or over, have not recently taken any vaccines (last 2 weeks), and have not been sick or had a positive COVID-19 test within 10 days.

That’s it! Once past that, you search for a location, and are pretty much set to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It will either be the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, both of which use 2 doses, with the second being administered 21 days (28 for Modera) after the first, assuming your first shot doesn’t result in an anaphylactic allergic reaction.

My personal experience so far has been great; I only have minor soreness at the injection site (and I couldn’t even feel the shot; yay for that), and as someone who usually gets queasy after I shot, I felt fine. Of course, everyone is different, so don’t be surprised if you experience common side effects. After the shot, you will have to wait at least 15 minutes, just so you can be monitored for a potential chance of a severe allergic reaction. Get all the information you need below.