Pete Buttigieg: To be McCain, or to be Trump?

With Trump’s recent “revelation” pertaining to his disdain and endless denigration of the military (Veterans, the maimed, the dead, and those currently serving), who else but Pete Buttigieg, an Afghanistan war veteran, to go in the belly of the beast and destroy Trump on his own platform? Generally speaking, making an appearance on Fox News isn’t a good idea. Fortunately, Pete was armed; Faux News could only look in horror, helpless; with frantic internal screaming. With an arsenal of facts (facts even Fox News themselves validated), valor, and logic, Pete Buttigieg successfully sowed discord against Trump in his own backyard of snakes.

One of my favorite parts in the video is at 4:40. Pete Buttigieg is told that Trump giving the military funding means that Trump obviously supports them. Pete wonderfully replies (not verbatim), “Does money make up for Trump’s disrespect? Does it make up for him calling dead war heroes losers?” Money can’t buy respect or forgiveness. Finally, near the end of the interview (5:14), Buttigieg presents Republicans with a stark but obvious decision — To be a McCain Republican (honorable, respectful, selfless), or to be a Trump Republican (self serving, megalomania, dishonesty)? I hope that any Republicans with even a spec of integrity left save the country come November.