PRP Wine International

PRP Wine International is the pioneer of in home wine samplings. We have been delivering the taste and feel of the vineyards to our client’s doorsteps since 1989. Our goal is to entertain and educate our clients on the world of fine wines. We firmly believe in building close relationships with all of our clients by offering a personal service that other wine companies simply cannot match. The acronym in our name represents our three main suppliers Pieroth, Romanet and Piccolomini.

We offer In Home Wine Sampling Experiences that aim to teach you and your guests about wines that you may not typically buy from the store. Our professional consultants will guide you and your guests through your sampling, with no obligation to buy at the end of your sampling.

PRP Wine International is one of the oldest direct sellers of wine in the USA, bringing exclusive wines to your doorstep to enjoy with friends and family. We are pioneers of the In-Home Wine Sampling Experience. Our mission is to provide consistently top-quality products to our clients and provide a fun, educational sampling service of quality matched with our products.

Our wine is intended to increase our clients’ enjoyment in life, foster communication and build relationships with others and create a greater appreciation for the culture of fine wines.