Queer Planet: Thoughts

Queer Planet is a nature documentary streaming for free on Peacock right now. As the title might suggest, it has to do something with nature itself having a “queer” identity, focusing on how nature innately doesn’t fit the the heteronormative world view. The documentary is of course targeted by conservatives and Faux News.

The idea of animals and nature having queerness isn’t new, as plenty of animal species have been documented to have their queer quirks even centuries before today. Just to elaborate, queer is an umbrella term that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, “trans” (in nature it’s more likely to be hermotheooides), “pansexual”), and practically anything that simply cannot be defined in a heteronormative worldview.

It’s incredibly human centric, if not just Conservative white Anglo Saxon heterosexual to think that queerness is only in humans. It’s not. What is though is homophobia; social taboos and persecution of anything queer. Homophobia doesn’t seem to exist in the non human world. And that really irks homophobes, trying to find every possible excuse as to why there are male lions having threesomes, why a female hyena has a fake penis, and slugs having both the pipe work of both a male and female. So, the documentary merely puts out there stuff humanity has already discovered, and still has yet to understand a bit better.