Rain, rain, please remain (and don’t flood us to death)

Featured GIF credit: A video snippet from Felix Colgrave’s Double King.

So, I’m pretty certain you have noticed that there has been continuous rain for several days on end. But it’s not even spring or summer yet! As I have written over at the Golden State Chronicle, California’s mountains have made contact with an atmospheric river, which is a corridor of concentrated moisture up in the atmosphere. Just like if clouds were forced to go above a mountain (and thus drop their bounty), the atmospheric river is no exception, except, its bounty is much much more moisture than we can safely plunder.

Image Credit: NOAA

Californian regions already affected drought (and that recently prescribed burns) are more susceptible to mudslides and floods. On the “bright” (these past days haven’t exactly been bright) side, at least our drought is being alleviated. Additionally, whenever it’s safe, the National Parks and Forests will be abundant with snow (I’m a snow person), and that also means Yosemite Park will have plenty of running water. I’ve only visited Yosemite while it was dry, so this year, I would love to see the waterfalls, specifically the legendary Firefall.

Yosemite’s Horsetail Fall; in February, the sun can make this fall appear as if it is fire. Of course, water must be flowing in the first place. Image Credit: Scfry from Wikimedia.