Remember the 2020 United States Census!

With everything that is going on in the world, our nation, and our local communities it is easy and understandable that we get laser focused on the global pandemic of COVID-19. It takes some effort but there are other things going on in the world and our country that need attention too. One of those is the 2020 United States Census that is going on right now. In short, the U.S. Census happens every ten years, and is a very important tool that is used by government agencies and the U.S. Congress to appropriate funding and decide what resources go to what states and counties depending on the demographic information gleaned from the national head count.

With everyone staying home more because of a lack of work or stay at home orders across the country we should all have more opportunities to participate in the process. This goes 1000% more of members of the gay community because for the first time ever GLBTQ+ people will be counted in this year’s census. This will go a long way in raising awareness and increasing our visibility to lawmakers so we can be a part of the rubric of funding and how federal resources are allocated to help our local governments serve its citizens. ALL OF ITS CITIZENS!

So as you are twiddling your thumbs and trying to find yet another comfortable position on the couch where you have just binge watched all of Tiger King on Netflix log on to It takes time and effort (and courage for that matter) to stand up and be counted. Don’t listen to the conspiracy idiots out there. The government is not trying to mark you or steal your identity, in fact, the Trump administration worked very hard to remove us from the census altogether. We all have to stand up and be counted, together, so we can help our leaders do what’s right and include us…ALL OF US…in the process of our democracy.